a corporate lawyer is a lawyer whospecializes in corporations law the roleof a corporate lawyer is to ensure thelegality of commercial transactionsadvising corporations on their legalrights and duties including the dutiesand responsibilities of corporateofficers in order to do this they musthave knowledge of aspects of contractlaw tax law accounting securities lawbankruptcy intellectual property rightslicensing zoning laws and the lawsspecific to the business of thecorporations that they work forin recent years controversies involvingwell-known companies such as Walmart andGeneral Motors have highlighted thecomplex role of corporate lawyers andinternal investigations

in whichattorney-client privilege could beconsidered to shelter potentialwrongdoing by the company if a corporatelawyers internal company clients are notassured of confidentiality they will beless likely to seek legal advice butkeeping confidences can sheltersociety’s access to vital informationthe practice of corporate law is lessadversarial than that of trial lawlawyers for both sides of a commercialtransaction are less opponents andfacilitators one lawyer quoted byBernstein characterizes them as thehandmaidens of the deal transactionstake place amongst peers there arerarely wrong parties underdogs oriniquities

in the financial means of theparticipants corporate lawyers structurethose transactions draft documentsreview agreements negotiate deals andattend meetings what areas of corporatelaw corporate lawyer experiences dependsfrom where the firm that he/she worksfor is geographically and how large itisa small-town corporate lawyer in a smallfirm a deal in many short-term jobs suchas drafting wills divorce settlementsand real estate transactions whereas acorporate lawyer in a large city firmmay spend many months devoted tonegotiating a single businesstransaction similarly different firmsmay organize their subdivisions indifferent ways not all will includemergers and acquisitions under theumbrella of a corporate

law Division forexample some corporate lawyers becomepartners in their firms others becomein-house counsel for corporations othersstill migrate into other professionssuch as investment banking and teachinglaw some publications read by those intoprofession include global legal studieslawyers weekly and the National LawJournal the salary of a corporate lawyercan vary widely those employed by majorinternational law firms big law firmsearn starting salaries of 180 thousandUS dollars which rise every year withexperience this amount excludes anyadditional bonus payments depending onthe geographical locationthe starting salary may be closer to 160thousand US dollars if the market issecondary attorneys employed at smallerfirms tend to earn smaller salaries