you are a Legal Eagle, that means you want to knowhow the laws that govern our everyday lives actually work.You know that the world is complicatedand you’re not willing to settle for the easy answersthat pundits love to provide.You believe that understanding the law is crucialto being an informed citizenand you are not willing to turn away,even when you get answers that you don’t like.You’re here to think like a lawyer.

So, my fellow Legal Eagles, in 2019, I say to you,(fireworks blasting) caw-caw.(eagle screeching)And if you’re looking for more killer legal analysis,I thought it might be helpful to make a listof the five best attorneys to follow in 2019.Fair warning, this list is gonna be pretty politics-heavy,because I think that those are someof the most important legal issues of the day,maybe that will change in 2020, but that’s where we are now.

So let’ start out with an honorable mention,who is not actually a lawyer, but who’s legal analysisis so good that I almost included him on this listand that’s Ben Wittes of the Lawfare blog.He’s not a lawyer,he’s a little bit on the conservative side,but in my view, nobody knows moreabout National Security law on the internet today.And as Mr Wittes likes to point out,democratic norms are being broken all over the placein this current world that we live in,but it’s bringing people togetherfrom all over the political spectrum.I share Mr Wittes’ request that when this is all over,everyone remember the shared democratic principlesthat brought us together in these trying times.

So definitely check out Ben Wittesand the entire Lawfare blogand podcast community, they are great.(heavy rock music)So that brings us to fifth placefor the top lawyers to follow in 2019and that goes to Leonard French.Moving away from politics for the moment,as your second favorite Copyright Attorney,I can highly recommend your first favoriteCopyright Attorney, Leonard French.Leonard French is a Copyright Attorney and YouTuberknown for wearing funny hats,while he gives great legal analysis,he tends to livestream before he goes to work,so you can catch him early in the mornings or late at night,he often goes straight into the legal briefsof famous copyright casesor other legal cases of the day and it’s great,because you rarely get a chance to see the actual languageand paperwork that gets filed in these thingsand he provides great analysis.His YouTube channel, the Lawful Masses with Leonard Frenchis great for copyright news of the day,especially for video game related news,it’s a little wonky, but that’s how we like it here.

So that takes us to fourth placeand that goes to Seth Abramson.He is a former state and federal public defender,there’s going to be a lot of Assistant US Attorneysand District Attorneys on this list,so it’s nice to get the perspective of a public defender.Currently Seth Abramson focuses on the Trump Administrationand all of the legal issuesthat the administration is facing.He gets a lot of flack for not doing original reportingand for being extremely long-winded, like Twitter threadsthat are hundreds of posts long, and fair enough,but for my money, no one is examiningthe publicly available evidencein more detail than Seth Abramson.Note however, that he tends to be extremely partisan,so I would take all of his analysis with a grain of salt,maybe dial it back 25 or 30%, but still,when news cycles don’t even last 24 hours,we need someone to be able to cull throughthe deluge of news that we’re getting everydayand look at things from a lawyer’s perspectiveand a lot of the analysisthat Seth Abramson is doing is really top-notch.

All right, so that takes us to third placeand that goes to two lawyers,Renato Mariotti and Asha Rangappa,who are often hosts of the On Topic podcast.I mention both, because while the podcastis Renato Mariotti’s, he often has Asha Rangappa on,and frankly, the podcast is never better,than when she provides her analysis as well.Both are former Assistant US Attorneys,which essentially is like a District Attorney,but for the Federal government.Renato worked on the civil side,while Asha worked on the counter-intelligence side,so they’re analysis together is especially invaluable.You can also find both of them on Twitter,but they’re also not afraid to do an emergency podcastto stay on top of this news cycle,that is burying people in new things every single day,so definitely check out the On Topic podcast.(heavy rock music)So that takes us to second placeand that easily goes to Preet Bharara,who is the host of the Stay Tuned podcastand tweets @PreetBharara.Preet Bharara was in chargeof the Southern District of New York,which is often consideredone of the most prestigious Federal District courts.Not only does the Southern District of New Yorktend to handle a lot of high-profile terroristsand related cases, because of the fact that New York Cityis in the Southern District of New York,they also tend to handle almost allof the very high-profile financial crimesby virtue of Wall Street being in the Southern District.

Note that he was a democratic appointeewho was personally fired by the President,so you’ll probably need to take his analysiswith a grain of salt, but I think he is oneof the best interviewers on the planet right now,you cannot miss his podcast.(heavy rock music)So that takes us to number oneand that goes to Ken White, who tweets @Popehatand is in charge of All the President’s Lawyersand the First Amendment podcast, Make No Law,Ken White is a formerAssistant US Attorney turned Defense Attorney,who’s also done a fair amount of First Amendment law.He also has a very skeptical viewof government and prosecutorial power, which I find,makes his analysis both accurate and hilarious.It’s hard to describe just how goodKen White’s Twitter account is.It is, I think, by far, the best thing on Twitter right now,so if you’re not following @Popehat on Twitter,stop everything that you’re doing and subscribe now.

Sometimes it’s hard to follow him,because his handle’s always some variation of hat,so at the time of this video, it’s Hamberder Hat,which relates to a President’s tweet.In the past it’s been Covfefe Hat, VeryLegalVeryCool Hat,his podcast, All the President’s Lawyers,in addition to having the greatest name for a podcast,is fantastic, it’s hosted by journalist Josh Barrow,who does a great job playing the straight manto Ken White’s legal analysis and breaking things downfrom a layman’s perspective.When I do a podcast, I’m gonna try and make ithalf as good as All the President’s Lawyers.Ken White is known for takinga very dim view of the RICO statutes,please tell him to make a It’s not RICO t-shirt,because it’s not RICO, it’s never RICO,but maybe this time. (fireworks blasting)Caw-caw. (eagle screeching)So go and check out those lawyersand while you’re browsing the net,you can raise money for charity, just by opening new tabs,which you were going to do anyway.

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