were you ever going 90 miles an hour inthe storage lanenot at all how fast were you going I’mestimating my speed it was approximatelyat most 40 miles an hour it did the turnsignals work on your car the turnsignals functional economists what didyou put on your turn signal to show thatyou were going to the right that’scorrect okay sir I’d like to I’m goingto make two hand gestures at you now I’dask you if you can tell them apart thisis the first gesture this is the secondgesture which one represents flippingsomeone off the first one or the secondone this one thank you I did this butyou can tell the difference let’s runthis and this I did this one okay butsir you’re not answering my question myquestion is can i that’s an answer touchhe has an answer he did yes I did thisone that’s not my question sir myquestion is can you tell the differencebetween this else correctly anadditional different you can tell thedifference correctwould you agree that most people canprobably tell the difference that’s mostpeople that’s correct and it wouldn’tprint in time now you