how to deal with a lawyer who representsthe other side the opposing side in yourcase in any type of case how to dealwith a lawyer who becomes combativeconfrontational who raises his voice andwho tries to intimidate you at yourdeposition trial arbitration or anyother type of hearing or proceeding thebest way to handle that type of lawyeris to remain calm nice and respectful atall times during your testimony nomatter how loud how angry and howaggressive the lawyer becomes this isyour opportunity to show that you’retelling the truth because you’re calmyou have no need to scream you have noneed to hide anything or to becomeemotional and this is your opportunityto make the lawyer and the the opposinglawyer and his side look bad a lawyerwho is angry looks emotionally unstableunprofessional or downright CRAZY itcannot possibly help him in his case nomatter where and why he does this thelast and the worst thing you can do isto try to match the volume they aggressthe aggressiveness and the drama of thelawyer there is no need for you to dothatit’s not gonna make you look good peoplewho are angry people who are emotionalare harder to believe and if you arehard to believe you’re gonna have areally hard time winning in any type ofcase whether it’s civil or criminal