What’s up everyone? My name is Jarrett Stone and in this video I’m gonna giveyou a five question quiz to determine whether you should become a lawyerwelcome to law venture a channel devoted to lawyers and in this case futurelawyers because most likely if you’re watching this video you’re stillcontemplating on whether or not you want to become a lawyerluckily you’ve come to the right place as I said I’ll have a five question quizthat will help determine whether or not you’re on the right path or this issomething you should even begin to contemplate I want to go ahead andpreface everything by saying that this isn’t the end-all Bealleach of these five questions are factors that I want you just to consider andapply to your life and try and be truthful and honest whenever you’remaking these considerations okay let’s begin question 1 do you enjoy being astudent question 2 do you see yourself ever being a teacher question 3do you think you have the skill sets to be a good waiter or waitressquestion 4 could you ever see yourself being a therapistquestion 5 do you consider yourself to be a planner

I hope you’re able to takea few minutes to kind of answer the question and think about why youanswered the way you did now before I just dive into the analysislet me start by saying if you answered any of the questions by thinking well Iguess it depends and good news you’re ready to become a lawyer becauseessentially in a legal profession there is no yes or no or it’s very rareand most answers are normally yeah it kind of depends okaylet’s dive into question number one this can be boiled down to the fact that youneed to be willing to be a student now I’m not just talking about going throughundergrad to get your bachelor’s and going through law school to get your JDthat takes seven years and you need to be willing to do thatand honestly a lot of people just the idea of going through that muchschooling scares them on but if seven years of schooling is cool with you thenI want you to think more big picture and that big picture is as a lawyer you’rebasically a forever student you’re a student until the day you retire andthen just as life advice you should actually offer be a student in allaspects of your life that way you can continue to grow but that’s just alittle side note but as a lawyer you’re always having to keep up with the lawbecause the law is this changing moving rules of the game type of scenario nowlet me use myself as an example I began with experience working to Prosecutor’sOffice

so I had experience with criminal law then life transition to where Istarted working and doing family law work and then life transition to where Iwas doing personal injury work and then life transition one more time to wherenot only am i doing personal injury work but I’m also handling class actions Ican tell you in each one of those scenarios and paths I was having to domy homework not only just so I could know what I wasdoing but also so I could better represent my clients or victims in theprosecutor’s case when I started handling class actionsit was extremely intimidating calling up a defense attorney who works at thishuge law firm and they’re representing a billion dollar company and I have zeroexperience or at least hands-on experience handling class actions and soyou pick up the phone and you’re a little nervous and you don’t want tosound dumb you don’t want them to know how inexperienced you are luckily you’reable to handle it if you’re able to put in the work and you’re able to do theresearch

so let’s transition from being a student to being a teacher because inreality as a lawyer you have to be both and most likely what you have to dodepending on kind of what niche you’re in as a lawyer but most likely you’regonna have to be talking to your clients on a daily basis and explaining them thelaw because they don’t know the law like you do they don’t know the language likeyou do and you answer be able to explain it in a very simple formin a very simple fashion

so that they understand it and so that they’re happywith what decision you’re recommending they take in a similar situation youalso need to be a teacher when it comes to having a jury trial and what you haveto do is you have to explain and jury selection or during the actual trial toa jury the law and you have to be able to simplify it and if you’re thetypically the one who can simplify it better than the other side and your oddsof winning go much much higher because they understand you and typically justmentally if someone can understand what someone else is saying and they trustthat person and the person who’s just saying things that’s confusing and it’sway over their head now this leads me to question number four which is whetheryou could be a therapist or if you think you would be a good therapist the reasonwhy I ask this question is because if you’re in the service industry you’realso going to have to counsel your client because the truth is the clientisn’t always going to make the decision that best helps the client as your jobto protect the client from him or herself you’ll be surprised how oftenyou have to do that but sometimes during the legal process emotions are high andthe client isn’t seeing very clearly now this leads me into the final questionquestion number five whether or not you are the planner I’ll go ahead and tellyou in most aspects of my life I’m not a planner when it comes to going onvacations I don’t even plan what I’m gonna dothere I’ve my job on vacation is just to relax that’s the only plan I have but inthe legal sense you need to be a planner and a better word probably a strategistbecause when the client comes in you need to have a strategy of how theclients gonna get to the finish line this it’s pretty fun if you really getinto it because when you have to anticipate what the other side is doingyou can really start kind of playing chess a little bit maybe you move onepiece one direction or you have a smoke screen or you know you give them factsand they start going down this rabbit hole that doesn’t lead to anywhere andyou just keep progressing and progressing and strengthening your caseand by the end of it the other side doesn’t know how in the world therecase became

so weak and yours became so strong and then the clients super happybecause the client gets either most or all of what they wanted it’s because youwere able to see the finish line before you even got there and the other sidewasn’t able to and that right there we’ll put you miles ahead of thecompetition and that’s what will make you a great lawyer okay so you can takethese five questions or five factors you can apply them to your lifeto help you kind of determine whether or not you should start going down the pathand becoming a lawyer on that note in the comments section letme know the results of this quiz or have you ever have any questions I’d be happyto answer them if you need to give them contact with me directlyshameless plug I just made a Twitter account reach out to me there and don’tforget subscribe below that way you can get the latest videos as soon as theycome out see you in the next one what’s up everyonemy name is Jared stone I forget the blink sometimes in my eyes get realwater we do a smokescreen a little bit and the otherside gives it completely tries to go down a rabbit holeand you try and hurt that I’m doing a whole bunch of movements and probablyaren’t relevant and make it all the bloopers