good morning to memy car’s got ice on it which is finethough because I am preparedhandy-dandy Michigan at me off goodmorningso I am sitting in my car with the airon blast because I completely forgotthat I needed to start my car before Ileftgood to sit here for a while I wanted toget to work by 7:00714 I need to get to work early today Ihave something to do today and I wasn’table to remote access into my laptoplast night so I couldn’t like work on itand I was planning on doing it so Iguess that was on mesuch enough I should have checked to seeif I could get on there but I have beenhaving problems with it so whatever butthat’s okay it shared my hair lastnight.they looks pretty good I just keptit straight I didn’t add any like curlor anything but probably shit at somepoint but I do need a trim but it isn’tlook horribleso and I’m not gonna straight my hairagain after this I’m gonna just have tofigure something else out but get updon’t want don’t string your face I’mletting myself have it hi season soanyway today I’m like no makeup on Idon’t care usually I try to like atleast fill in my eyebrows but they lookpretty good for stuff that I probablyadd a little bit of mascara just to makeme look a little bit more awake butaside from that you know makeup Monday Ishould don’t wear makeup every day

sojust waiting my carokay enough rambling let’s hit the roadjackit rose[Music][Music][Music]I just lead to my dry cleaning hmm hishadow singing on my face time with andI’m about to pick up pizza because I’vehad a day it’s been a day and night heygo so I think i’ma go ahead in the videohere I just like y’all site some pizza Iwas planning out cooking but I just I’mnot filling it and then had some winecuz it was just a Monday Monday ok I wasstruggling with this research project Ithink I found the case but I’m not sureI’ll find out tomorrow yeah but I justwatched a Christmas movie it was okay itwas called the Christmas wedding planneror something oh excuse memmm is it 9:24 almost my bedtime noseriously I’m so tired I need to get tosleep early today because I was up earlythis morning trying to get some stuffdown for work but today was a prettygood day pretty productive justfrustrating when I’m like in a researchlike rut and I can’t find what I’mlooking for so that’s annoyingbut yeah

so I straightened up around theapartment cleaned up did the dishes tothe trash shot and all that good stuffso now I’m about to just relax take ashower connect some little bootleg yogaposes and stretches cuz I don’t reallyknow I’m doing but I need to juststretch and breathe listen to somerelaxing music and get ready fortomorrow so that’s it you guys thank youso much for watching don’t forget tothumbs up this video if you enjoyedleave me some comments on the commentsection below I feel like my life isboringno but lucky I’m very routine when itcomes to snow

so yeah but if you guyslike this video let me know maybe I’lldo another day in my life but it’s justit’s like I can’t show that much whileI’m at workbut I was actually it was a pretty likebusy day I was running up and down thestairs and like up and off the elevatorlike talking all the partners I’m surehe’s doing stuff but I didn’t documenteverything because I mean confidentialyou know but yeah love you guys and I’llsee you my next video