hey guys welcome back if you areanything like me then you love allthings myers-briggs 16 personalitieslove figuring out what kind of careeryou should be pursuing based on yourpersonality type or if you’re wellsuited for the career that you arecurrently in

so the question is can yourpersonality type determine whether ornot you will make a good lawyer keepwatching to find out alright now beforewe start on this video I want to giveyou guys my very very strong personalopinion that anybody can become a lawyerif you have a perceived weakness thatyou think automatically disqualifies youfrom being a good lawyer like being badat public speaking being shy aroundother people the idea that developingnew client business absolutely terrifiesyou I’m here to tell you that there arelawyers out there with these weaknessesor these perceived weaknesses that areabsolutely crushing it so if a lawyer iswhich you want to become go ahead andjump in now if that’s the Fox moment outof the way let’s take a look at thepersonality types that are most likelyto draw people to become a lawyer orthat indicate personalitycharacteristics that are best suited forbecoming a lawyer and why thepersonality types that we’re going to betaking a look at come from themyers-briggs personality test and thisis a test designed to evaluate people’spreferred methods of thinking makingdecisions interacting with the worldaround them based on a series ofeither/or questions and if you guys areinterested I encourage you to take afree abridged version of themyers-briggs test which I will link inthe description belowyou guys might not be that surprised tolearn that the psychological profile oflawyers as a group is actually quitedifferent than that of the generalpublic and that of the sixteenpersonality types four of them make upmore than 50% of practicing attorneysand those are the four that we’re goingto run through right now number four arethe ENT PS which make up nine pointseven percent of practicing attorneysand the personality type of ENT PS areknown as the debaters smart and curiousthinkers who cannot resist anintellectual challenge famous auntie P’sinclude Socrates Leonardo didshe Benjamin Franklin Barack Obama JohnStewart Mark Twain Weird Al Yankovic TomHanks Thomas Edison Captain Jack Sparrowand Tyrion Lannister number three estjswhich makeup 10.3% of practicingattorneys the personality type of ESTJis the executive excellentadministrators unsurpassed at managingthings and people famous ESTJ includeMargaret Thatcher Hillary ClintonMichelle Obama Judge Judy Dwight Schruteand Robb Stark number twoINTJs which makeup thirteen point onepercent of all practicing attorneys thepersonality type of INTJs is known asthe architect imaginative and strategicthinkers with a plan for everythingfamous INTJs include Mark ZuckerbergElon Musk Arnold Schwarzenegger StephenHawking Isaac Newton Karl Marx Gandalfthe Grey Petyr Baelish and KatnissEverdeen and number one is TJ’s whichmakeup 17.8 percent of all practicingattorneys the ISTJ personality type isknown as the logistician practical infact minded individuals whosereliability cannot be doubted famous isTJ’s include George Washington AngelaMerkel Queen Elizabeth the second WarrenBuffett Jeff Bezos Morgan Freeman NedStark and Hermione Granger a fewimportant takeaways from this breakdownone this study was actually done in 1993and it is the study that is consistentlycited in law articles blogs researchpapers but I think it would be reallyinteresting if anyone out there isinterested in doing a new survey of themyers-briggs personality types ofcurrently practicing attorneys to seehow they match up the generalunderstanding is that the personalitytypes would be basically the same butnevertheless I think it would be aninteresting thing to look into numbertwo is that although is tjs are the mostcommon personality type among lawyersthey’re also the most common personalitytype among the general public so thatcould be the reason that number is sohigh among lawyers whereas intjiae’s are actually found to be fivetimes greater in lawyers than in thegeneral population and seven timesgreater among women lawyers than intothe general population and

so INTJsactually stand out as the most prevalentpersonality type among lawyers and thismakes sense because as a group lawyersscore higher in introversion overextraversion and intuition over sensingand thinking over feeling and in judgingover perceiving so if you’re one ofthese top four personality types thatare found in lawyers especially an INTJand you’re unhappy as a practicingattorney it may very well be that youwould be happy practicing law but justnot in the environment where you’repracticing it

so if you’re in big lawfor example maybe think about startingyour own law firm working at a smallerlaw firm going in-house working in agovernment agency and a nonprofitorganization being a prosecutor someother environment that may play more toyour strengths and if you’re not one ofthe top four personality types found inlawyers like medon’t despair you can still have a veryfulfilling and happy and successfulcareer as an attorney I personally haveenjoyed every step of the way from beinga judicial clerk to working in big lawto now working with nonprofitorganizations it might just be the casethat you have to work a little bitharder to find your niche or to findwhat environment works best for you andto that end I’m going to put below thebreakdown of the other personality typesfive through sixteen so you guys can seewhere you fall so take a version of themyers-briggs type link to thedescription below and let me know in thecomments what personality type you guysare and if you think you’re a good fitfor being a lawyer whether you’reaspiring to be one or currentlypracticing one I’d love to hear it andof course don’t forget to subscribe andtap the notification bell to see newvideos every single Tuesday which iswhere I’ll be thanks for watching helpsee you guys next week