I’m a lawyer and I’ve been a lawyer for40 years and this bill is a legalnightmare waiting to happen to my kidswhen they go to the University ofMaryland campuses it encompassespossession of my youngest boy scoutknife when he brings it onto campus inhis dorm room it encompasses the use ofa dinner a knife to spread the peanutbutter and jelly sandwich it encompassesto me when I with my concealed carrypermit drop them off at school becauseof wandering onto an ill-definedproperty which is at the University ofMaryland I don’t know where theproperties are of these publicinstitutions and

yet if I inadvertentlywent wrong to them I go to jail forthree years and Louvre not only mightpermit but I’d lose as well my right topossess firearms for the rest of my lifethis bill is a legal nightmare becauseit criminalizes thousands and thousandsof innocent acts that will alter thelives of students faculty employees forthe rest of their livesif you’re going to pass somethingagainst guns pass something against gunsbut don’t start criminalizing thingsthat are innocent define the termsdefine what property means to find whatpossessed means define what carry meansand start giving people a chance peoplewould avoid the criminal sanctions thatthis bill creates and they’re drastic Ithank you if there are any questionsthank you very much are you a criminallawyer I work for agency with thefederal government that does criminalwork let’s put that waygot it can’t tell us what you’re sayingguys all right thank you very muchEnglish (auto-generated)