I can attorney Steve Fondren here we aretalking in this video a little bit aboutsocial media for new lawyers what do youdo you just get out of law school andyou’re looking on social media you’regoing all these you’ve seen all thesedifferent practice areas there’s firmsthat do everything there’s super-focusedfirmsthere’s firms with great domains there’sfirms with lousy domains and you’retrying to figure out how do I fit intothe mix how am I going to get out thereand make a name for myself I mean do Iput myself out and just be a generalistdo I focus on one tiny super micro focusniche what do I do so I’m just going totalk a little bit about my generalphilosophy in dealing with social mediaand we’ll let you sort of maybe there’ssome tips and things that you can gleanout of this but my personal belief isyou need to try to really focus on onething one area if you can now let’s giveyou an example I practice real estatelaw predominantly I’m a real estatelawyer but within that context I also dointellectual property I also do realestate zoning I also do eminent domaincases broker accusations BRE complianceI mean all these different areas of realestate law real estate law is a reallybig concept

so the question is how doyou go about marketing yourselves in asuper highly competitive marketplace solet’s go to the attorney Stevewhiteboard and let’s take a look up herenow I already drew this out just to getjust to give you a look of sort of how Isee things what they call sort of mindmapping but the way I see it is thatGoogle is looking for authority okaythey want to know that you are theperson to go to that you are the personto go to okay so the key theme I thinkno matter what you’re trying to do is tohave authority now if you’re a generalpractitioner and you during bankruptcyDUI you’re doing divorce law you’redoing all these different thingsimmigration law yourgoing to have a hard time reallybecoming an authority at something

so what I would recommend to the new lawstudent is come out and pick one thingone thing that you’re good at that youlike the kind of cases that you couldread all day long you know you can printthese things out on Westlaw read thesethings and you know learn the law butsomething you’re passionate aboutsomething you enjoy something you couldliterally read every day and have a goodtime with itand just focus on becoming the authorityif it’s LLC’s how to create an LLCeverything you wanted to know about anLLC how to file an LLC in California youknow what happens when there is adispute with an LLC what are the taximplications of an LLC you could goliterally on and on and on and ontalking about LLC’s and establishedestablishing yourself as an authority inthat area you know maybe you’re talking20 to 50 blogs 20 to 50 videos youbecome the authority

so that’s whatyou’re looking to do that’s what yourclients are looking for andcoincidentally I also believe thatthat’s what Google is working for nowI’m not an SEO specialist I didn’t goand study SEO all day long but these aresome of the things that I believe inhaving read some of the things that I’veread so a thoug rity and the authorityneeds to come out where everywhere theauthority needs to come out everywhereneeds to come out and speakingengagements okay one thing that youshould be doing is trying to askyourself what types of things can Iactually get up thereI’m only been I’ve only been out of lawschool for a year or two years what canI actually even talk about well you knowif you go and you read the book on LLC’syou read some cases you do the researchin you let’s say you give it 30 days andyou bust it out for 30 days I thinkyou’re gonna have something to speakabout okay but if you’re trying to learna little bit about divorce law andcriminal law and BK law immigration lawyou’re gonna have a hard time being theauthority okay

so you’d be thinkingabout speaking engagements publicationssame difference okay in the new internetera its publish or perishbaby it’s publish or perish so you needto be thinking about putting guides outokay you can sell your documents onScribd e is a good place I like to goand I’ve made some money selling mydocuments on script D I’ve also mademoney selling documents on private blogwebsites that I created that have ashopping cart

so being creating valuablecontent and the only way that content isgoing to be valuable is if you haveauthority okay you make sense you canhave the command of the subject areaokay same thing on your blog’s youshould have a main blog where you sendpeople you send your visitors and whenthey come to your blog they shouldimmediately see wow this person is anauthority okay your blog need to belinkable shareable likeable subscribableokay these are all things in this newage you’re trying to build your fan andfollower base so you can have morepeople following you subscribing to yourvideos on YouTube liking your fan pageyou should have a Facebook fan page yourTwitter account people following you onTwitter these kinds of things okay theseare the social signals that Google islooking for there that I believe they’relooking for I should say

so you want toestablish your throw thority and becomea resource okay your blog whatever it isshould become a resource one of my mostpopular blogs was foreclosure defenseresource center calm that’s foreclosuredefense resource center calm and I got aton of hits and a ton of business out ofthat because I focused on one areaforeclosure which is a subset of realestate you have the entire real estateumbrella and you have foreclosurethere’s just one little leg in the wholereal estate process so that’s what Iwould call a a niche or a double nicheor a super niche or micro niche whateveryou want to call it the riches are inthe niches as they sayrepeat after me the riches are in theniches

so I built out a site foreclosuredefense resource center and we had a lotof cases coming in through thereconsultations all kinds of thingslawsuits state federal cases so being aresource something that people can leakto share with other people and basicallywant to bookmark you so they’ll comeback and see again in the future that’swhat you’re looking for okay and you dothat by focusing and becoming theauthorityokay so associations a networking samething when you go around and you’re outnetworking and your associations peoplewant to know what do you do when theysay what what kind of law do youpractice and you say well you know youknow business foreclosures immigrationDUI law and and I do a little bit intrademarks they’re thinking tothemselves where is this person’sauthority what time when and under whatcircumstances would I send cases to thisperson okay

so they’re wanting to knowthat so at any rate Authority and forGoogle Authority plus aging you do thisover time it’s not gonna happenovernight some of the things I’ve heardit says you may be doing this for sixseven eight nine months maybe a year nowto establish that authority that Googleis looking for and these are your socialmedia platforms you should have one ofeach Facebook Twitter YouTube you shouldhave a video channel and Linkedin alsois very important and I would also addI’m here to build up your have a look ata lot of people overlook a bow I thinkyou need to have a good Apple accountand like I said I also like script Dscript D is another one I probably haveon here it’s pretty other than thatwe’re running out of time but these aremy other point here is to make a list ofyour keywords the keywords that you’regoing to own for me it’s real estate lawreal estate lawyer real estate licenselawyer but I also get down here on mylist when I called the double niche thesuper focus the the niche within a nichethe real estate zoning attorney thePhoenix zoning law firm and you shoulduse lawyer and law firm in youreverything an attorney is you don’t knowwhat people are searching for Arizonaeminent domain lawyer

so again the bigumbrella in real estate but thenfocusing down on these little areaswhere over time you’re going to becomethe expert than the authority in yourarea which for me is real estate butalso getting getting credence in theseother areas which as a real estatelawyer we do all sorts of things we dobusiness law we do contracts we dotrademarks we we do all sorts of thingsaccusations real estate zoning propertytax appeals I mean

so many differentthings but we get our credibility byfocusing and always having our mind seton becoming the authority making ourkeyword list and owning our keywordsokay that’s how you master your domainif you’re coming out of law schoolthat’s the general mindset you want tobe thinking of I hope this helps this isattorney Steve Fondren we handle realestate law cases in California andArizona thank you for listening and wewish you the best of luck in your career