okay out when I started law school I hadno idea how much like what salaries werein law so I’m gonna talk a little bitabout that because I look I mean I’mtelling you this honestly like I had noclue how it worked and it’s kind of Ithink it’s kind of interesting so maybea lot of you do know this but I’ll justgive you the brief the big rundown it’sfar as big lawanyways so for big law because it’sstandard across big cities it doesn’tchange there may be some variation asfar as bonuses but it works like thisit’s lockstep

so graduate from lawschool and you let me let me define biglaw big law is the category ofapproximately let’s say like 250 300firms something like that that isconsidered to be in this class thatwhere they all more or less pay the samethey have a certain prestige level ifyou will and it’s where a lot of peopleare trying to go so if you go to NewYork Chicago LA San Francisco I thinkmaybe certain markets in Texas and maybeI’m missing a few but generally Bostonyou go to these markets it’s 160 base okand that’s your base salary when youcome out of law school and though itmight be a bonus on top of that but it’snot like banking bonuses where it’s likedouble your salary is nothing like thatit’s maybe like 10 20 thousand then andthen usually when you get when you get ajob and you sign on you like okay I’mgonna start they’ll give you what’scalled a signing or bar bonus orsomething like 10 grand and then they’llusually say hey well this is what myfirm told me back in the day the one in2009 they’re like hey you’re not goingto be able to take a vacation like agood one for a while so what we allrecommend is you take your bonus andthen you just after you take the barjust travel you can start in November ifyou want I was like ok sounds good to meso then I took the bar and then two dayslater I packed up all my stuff had itshipped to DC cuz I was in Chicago andthen I and I just took off and I leftfor two and a half months I just wentaround like Europe and Asia with a bunchof friends then that was cool but yeahand then

so you may have you may havethe opportunity to do that I don’t knowif I don’t even I assume they’ll sitthere still going to give you what’scold can be called a bar stipend alrightso then your second year it’s literallyevery year it goes up as long as you’restill with the firm

so then second yearit’s either 170 175 third years like 190then it goes to two ten to twenty fiveokay so every year it’s in these sameincrements partners when you makepartner it it vary that’s when it variesfrom firm to firm so I’d say on averageI don’t know maybe like when you firststart out as a low-level partnersomewhere like three four hundredthousand but then and then it goes updepending on your equity stake and youknow if you make X and now they have tocheer partners you can have what’scalled an income partner where it’s justlike

you have a scaled-up salary butyou’re not actually a partner and thenyou have equity partner where youactually own a stake of the firm andthen who knows like because I know itit’s some firms I’ve worked where youhave these points that give you more andmore percentage and you know that’s sofar away I wouldn’t even worry about itbut that’s generally that’s generallyhow it works