welcome to another episode of vs. versetoday we’re looking at doctors andlawyers which one makes the most moneythis is Jimmy a new boy in schoolsometimes having a health exam can belots of funSpencer and associates you win I was inpain to find this information we startedhigh and low all over the internet sobasically today is turning into Googleand I’m doing web searches for you

soyou’re lazy the most prevalent answer tothis question is doctors according toCNBC doctors are paid about 160 to 200thousand dollars a year on average andthis depends on their specialty lawyerson the other hand make an average ofabout a hundred and thirty thousanddollars a year let’s look at the mostthe highest paid doctor compared to thehighest-paid lawyer see how far we canpush it hi I’m Steve Miller okay time tomove on okay

so according to theInternet and this isn’t specific but thehighest paid doctor in 2018 was aplastic surgeon who made an estimated500 $1,000 that’s probably just throughhis practice I would assume there’sother avenues of money coming in likewhat did doctors do house do they makemoney let’s look up the highest paidlawyer look you can waste your moneyscrewing around with some paper pusherparalegal type give thousands of dollarsto some piece of crap three-piece suitdowntown blow your brains out trying tofigure out why you wasted 25 bucks onthe crappy forms you bought from theilliterate boob at the courthouse or dowhat I say and do it now we know whatwe’re doing here look at this website awork of art here’s the story I’m stilllooking it’s hard to find these stats onthe lawyer here looks like still thehighest paid attorneys make up to about200,000 a year it seems like it’d behigherI couldn’t have said it better myself

sothat’s not very conclusive is it butthat’s what you get with this show youget your money’s worthpass a little and we get you a lot ifyou know differently if you havespecific links to websites that showdifferently send them my way in thedescription below if you would but itlooks to me like the off-the-cuff answerbacked up by insane amounts of researchthat I just diddoctors make more than lawyers whatcigarette do you smoke doctor let meknow in the comments belowif you like this kind of video we have alot more of them subscribe to thechannel if you would and you can find alink to our Facebook page down in thedescription go over and like that if youwould you can suggest show ideas duhthat was okay