when I first got this case startedlooking at it and I saw these videos andI saw these picturesI could imaginewhat happened how could this havehappened how did this kid get caught upin this and I figured out that what Iwas doing was I was looking at this casethrough 51 year old lenses a 51 year oldbrain 51 year old eyes 51 year old lifeexperiences but that’s not how we canlook at this case we have to I had tolook at

this case like a 19 year oldcollege kid at Vanderbilt Universityevery one before you got on this juriesagreed that our culture shapes ourdecisions it’s part of our environmentit drives us in what we do it’s allaround us every day and my culture isnot the Vanderbilt college culture it’sdifferent but our culture defines whatis acceptable and not acceptable whatmight be moral in my culture or immoralin my culture might be very moral verystandard in a college kid culture what’swhat’s a culture that we’re all involvedin daily the speed of the traffic comingin if you take the interstate it’sgenerally 55 miles an hour a lot oftimes the traffic flow is 60 to 65 I seethe sign it’s 55 but I’ll stay in theflow of the traffic at 62 65 is it wrongis it against


the law yeah but it’s theculture that I’m driving in just drivingin on my way to workso what is the culture the culture wesee for these kids it affects themabsolutely it’s a different culture thanI understand where it’s like friendswith benefits or it’s like smashingwords like well no it’s just argument Imust be saying the right things becausethey keep getting objections but theculture we see and the culture thesekids have and what they do the languagewhere they’re going what they do it’sall part of their culture it’s not partof our culture but that’s the way


I hadto look at this with not the 51 year oldeyes and brains I have I had to see whatthey understand and what they’re doingour culture is shaped by many differentthings I talked about this in my openingit’s not only music country music rapmusic R&B it shakes our culture our kidsgrow up because and they want to be likethe people they see on TV they want tobe like the artists that are our singingthey want to be like the people on TVthey see shows like Jersey Shore theysee shows like redneck ah it’s on CMTyou can’t think of the namethey say see these shows and they thinkit’s funny and these shows glorifieddrinking they glorified sex theyglorified promiscuous sex they glorifyacting out they glorify multiplepartners smashing hooking up and that’swhy the kids want to grow up


so what wasthe culture for Cory Beatty cultureencouraged underage drinking drinking inyour room then going to a party and thengoing to another party you stay out lateyou get drunk you have sex it’s notimportant if you remember it it actuallyseems to be funnier or morelight-hearted or laughable if you don’tremember we saw in the video thissurveillance video from VanderbiltUniversity we saw signs of excessive theexcessive consumption of alcohol whichis exactly what Cory matey didEnglish (auto-generated)