welcome to 570 Lexington Avenue locatedat the corner of 50th and 51st onLexington Avenue this is our buildingbuilt by a very fine architect don’tknow his namevery well renowned it’s a nice walk togo into an elevator our master suite1600 all of our TVs have CNBC on them

soyou can actually stand here and view howmuch money you won or lost in thismarket just one other aspect of thisbeautiful suite that we have here thetwo conference room one’s a smaller oneit’s about eight other ones it’s about16 here we have the Managing Partner ofwhiteness Orin Hilferty Michael Hilfertyhimself is behind the computer screenconducting some extremely important workat the moment we keep at it this is ourkitchen we sometimes eat here if we’renot eating in our office we have a TV inwhich there is never anything playingalso we have an extremely well-stockedrefrigerator every single day we get asupply of Canada Dry sparkling seltzerwater an unlimited coca-cola of the dietorigin known as diet coke

so this is myoffice right here we’ve been here at onepoint in our other videos but you canget a complete view of all that existsunbelievable library of books most ofwhich I have skimmed through don’t wantto say that I’ve read them all this isan Islamic egg I don’t know why but it’sbasically has all the different names ofGod in Arabic this is a teardrop I justreally like to design that is theChristian cross time is very importantin our business and then generally inour life

so I have kept this beautifulthing and of course let’s not forgetBuddha it gives us peace and serenitywhile we deal with the many struggles ofourand of course when all else fails wehave alcohol and that always makeseverything okayhere we have some accolades in somedegrees here is one of our offices wehave two lovely associates Samantha andDonora who is currently at work at themoment here we continue on and over herewe have another one of our very talentedassociates this is Sonia Hansen continuedown here and this is where we have ourmail and copier room have the finestcopiers in the industry Toshiba colorand scanning printing faxing if you wantto staplers hole punchers bindersweighing machines all of its availablefor our usage when we’re handling yourcase so all these beautiful amenities asa part of this law firm are availablefor our clients and our associates usagein promoting their cases and moving thecases to the best possible results it’sone of our larger conference rooms Ilied about 16 how many are there fourfour and two makes it 10 my math is notthe best but the beautiful view ofLexington and 50th Street thank you forjoining me on this journey through myoffice I wish you a very nice day I haveto get back to work thank youlast name miss our hir last name thisarm and I as they are as they are