many of these people suing don’t live inTexas City who told you that nobody toldme that you just made that up – you makethat older I notice that I noticed thatyou’re not you’re not you’re reading abunch of blogs or where but you’re notreading anything would I put any paperthat that that I make darn sure that Ihave the facts backing me up whoa whoawhoa wait a minute you tell me you youput this stuff in these blogs you evensaid in the blogs I know this papersreading these prove me wrong you saidthat you said that several timesactually you made this statement OnJanuary 30th of 2011 at 10:45 a.m. yousaid many of these people suing don’tlive in Texas City are you telling menow you made that upobjection cool you made that upobjections for if you don’t use the wordmade it up I guess all right I don’t Ididn’t know well why did you say itbecause it’s the blog it’s a bunch ofit’s a bunch of jumping in blogs

so allthis stuff you’ve been writing in theblogs it’s just a bunch of foolishnessbecause its job basically my lot of itis it’s false everybody there’s prettymuch false if you you see I’m not askingeverybody else I’m asking about you isthe stuff you’re right in there falseobjection for them is it false no wellis it true objection some of it as faras what you’re talking about wherepeople live that’s that’s that easy thatis an impression of the people that thatlive in Tennessee there is a repressionof responsible people there’s a peoplethat’s a impression of a lot of peoplecommunity leaders that I just my rationor are you are the many of these peoplesuing don’t live in Texas City you madethat comment that is that is that is notnecessarily false that’s a belief okay

so you don’t know one there’s no I don’tknow but you very perfectly happy to saywhat your your belief is objection fullyou didn’t say hey I don’t know I don’tknow the factshas nothing to do with the what did youwith the we their powerpoints should Iput out it has nothing to do with afront page story that’s a part I knowyou’re not asking about let’s focus onthe question answer format okay we’vealready talked about it one Chad to jumpon you again people say you’re beingharassed or something just focus on thequestion answer format do you knowwhether this statement you made there’sa ton of them you’ve made you’re talkingabout all in his blogs these arestatements you made public statementssir mister mister cross has a right tolook and a statement well if yourepresent him stand over there by him inrepresenting but otherwise right quiettruth in justice really okay yes and allI’m reading right here Airness and ifyou’re gonna ask him if he quotedsomething why don’t you show the witnesswhat you’re saying he quoting why don’tyou be quiet let’s make an objectionotherwise shut the hell upalright I’m tough guy shut up let me askyou again what I would say is mentionotherwise don’t say anything you’re noteven he’s representing BP here you’renot

so shut up ok let’s take a breakyeah don’t don’t cross me pal I’vealready got something that I need totalk to you about don’t cross me youwill not like it