he’s Australia’s most high-profilecriminal lawyerAdam Hooda recently scored a majorvictory in the courtroom for his clientJessica Silva charged with the murder ofher ice crazed partner but hooter isbest known as the go-to lawyer for along line of men charged with terroristrelated offenses you’ve described manHaron Moniz the Lindt cafe gunman as thestrangest client you’ve ever heard howso well the first thing that struck meabout Manas is his unusual behavior Ihad a lady who I believe is the ladythat has been murdered since that time alady that he had an affair with shewould call me on his behalf and arrangethe meetings and she would call him hiseminence and when I looked him up he wasnon-existent nobody knew about him and Iknow most leaders in the community sohis madness was apparent from the firsttime I ever met him but I never thoughthe was dangerous mad yes but notdangerous he was a peace activist andthat’s what attracted me to his case andthat’s the man want a story now duringthat said

you actually fired off a tweetoffering to actually go to the cafe andtalk to Manas what did you hope toachieve through them I understand whatman monitors grievances are now I didn’tbelieve that the police negotiatorswould be effective because to him theyare the enemy so they were at adisadvantage from the get-go I believethat I had a better chance at speakingto him and and trying to convince him toend the siege and I was sitting in thecomfort of my own home it didn’t sitwell with me that I didn’t at least tryto do something so I put it out therebut no one took me up on my offer

but itwas genuine Adam you were also part ofthe biggest criminal trial in Australiaoperation Pendennis nine men accused ofterrorist related offenses began in 2005but there were headlines about the factthat these men wouldn’t stand in thecourt was that term an uncomfortabletime for youor my clients not standing it’s not alegal requirement to stand up it’s justpart of the traditions of our legalsystem do you not find that a sign ofdisrespect though you’re part of theliberal justice system a system yourespect yourself a system that’snurtured you don’t you have a problemand

the fact that they didn’t stand mepersonally I didn’t find itdisrespectful and I don’t know if thejudge found it disrespectfulit’s only a question he can answer but Icertainly didn’t find a disrespectfulwell it was there any ground do youthink for them not standing in court atthat time that’s the question you’regonna have to post it him I can’t answerfor them you know they believe that theyshould stand and bow to God only and notto a human being and that’s theirphilosophy behind their actions what wasyour reaction to the mascara and CharlieHebdo officers in France in January theKoran teaches us that the killing of oneinnocent soul is as if you’ve

killed theentire humanity so from a Muslims pointof view any killing of innocentcivilians is a grave grave crime I guesswhat I’m getting at here is that thatthat attack was taken very personally bythe French people because they saw it asan attack on their freedom their freedomof speech and Charlie Hebdo the magazinewas known for taking shots whether youcall them cheap shots or not at Jews atChristians as well as Muslims

so do yousee that attack as an attack ondemocracy on free speech the cartoonswere an attack on Islamlet’s not kid ourselves here and when itcomes to this concept of free speechyeah it’s wonderful but it’s a doublestandard policy when it comes to Muslimsthat magazine there was some cartoonsthat were offensive to some Jews and andthere was an uproar about it so it justseems that when it comes to Muslimsthere’s a double standard on this issueof free speech and that’s what I finddistasteful and that’s what I find wrongAustralia by many studies has actuallybeen shown to be the most tolerantxiety in the world despite all ourproblems despite you know the episodesof racism awful as they are it’s quitegratifying to look at studies like thatdo you think that comes from our seculartradition rather than any kind of youknow religious aspect to our societywell firstly I disagree with yourpropositionI don’t believe Australia is a tolerantsociety that’s been

my experience I canonly tell you what my experiences havebeen I’ve been on the receiving end ofextreme racism extreme hatred extremebigotry okay that’s been my experienceand been experienced of a lot of peoplewho I know I mean I recently traveled toDubai that is what I call to be atolerant multicultural society okay it’sruled by people who are of the Muslimfaith but when it comes to Christmasthey’ve got the biggest Christmas treeswhen it comes to Easter they got thebiggest Easter eggs there’s people ofall races and they’re all happy and theyall respect each other that’s a trueexample of a multicultural society thatwe should aspire to be like so in termsof

Australia being tolerant that hasn’tbeen my experience it hasn’t been theexperience of my family and and I canonly tell you what I what I’ve gonethrough you have been at the receivingend of some pretty awful prejudice therewas the episode when you’re a younglawyer when the judge actually mistookyou for the defendant tell me a littleabout thatwell I stood up to announce myappearance and before I had a chance todo that he said where’s your lawyer sothese are the prejudices that I’mdealing with on a even from you you findthat in the ranks of the judges so ithasn’t been an easy ride for me what didyou say to the judge at that point Icorrected him he apologized and you knowlife moves