– Truth of the matter is,really, your day as a lawyerisn’t going to look an enormous amountdifferent from the day of any other personwho works mostly in an office most of the time.I think it can be pretty easyto get to the end of you law degreeand think that when you actually got outinto the real world as a lawyer,you were going to spend all day,every day doing lawyery things,citing cases and writing submissionsand other stuff like that,and if you have convinced yourselfsomehow that television has any truth for you,you might think that you have importantconversations while walking quicklywith attractive people up and downjust unbelievably large officesthat never seen to run out of places to walk.You will wake up,you will go to work,you will drink some coffee,and you will probably do what everyone does,which is you will check your emailand see what has come in to frustratethe priorities you thought you had for the day.

So what is it then that as a lawyer,you’re probably going to do most days?Well, not surprisingly,you’re going to spend a lotof time sitting in front of the computer,you’re going to read emailsand file them and reply to them.There’s a pretty good chanceyou’re going to spend a bit of time in meetings.That might be client meetings on the one handor it might be administrative meetings.You’ll probably spend a reasonableamount of time on the phone.That will be more so,I suspect, as you get more seniorand you’re having more conversations with clients,but not necessarily junior lawyerscan be called upon to make any numberof phone calls during the day as well.Predominantly, you’re going to spendthe vast majority of most daysmost of the time reading stuff,translating itand writing stuff.

So maybe you’re reading instructionsand translating it into a letter to go to another partyand then writing that letter.Maybe you’re reading casesand translating them into submissionsand writing the submissions.Maybe you’re taking on board the instructionsyour client has given you in a shoeboxand turning that into a pleadingto recover some money on a debt claim.The very large proportion of your dayis probably going to be spent reading and writing.Now, of course,it’s true that in some fields,you might have to trace upand down the court here and there,you might have to do variations on that theme,but for the vast majority of lawyers,they’re not waking up judges in the nightand they’re not running backand forth to urgent court applicationsand they’re not coming upwith sassy responses to unlikely predicaments.You’re probably sitting in frontof a computer reading stuff and writing stuff.I think what might come as a surpriseto a lot of young lawyers is how much time you spenddoing things more about the machinery of the legal officethan actually about direct client work.You might be having internal discussions,you might be prioritising things,you might be sorting out administrative issues,filing emails,that sort of stuff,that processthat underpins the abilityof practitioners of law to actuallydo the lawyering on a day to day basis.

And a pretty normal day in the officeas a lawyer ends as everyone else’s does,you get to go home and have a break.And there you have it,that is a pretty normal day for most peoplein most cases in most situations in the law.It’s not everybody.There are exceptions,but at the end of the day,it can still be a pretty rewarding career.