objectionYour Honor I have labeledcross-referenced and made Excelspreadsheets about everything in thiscase and I doubt that the prosecution isas prepared for this case as I am so Ithink you should just grant me victoryat this point so sorry I am late yourhonoranyway let’s let let’s just get down tobusiness right let’s just okay so whatlet’s just think about this let’s justlet’s just consider this I think that’swhat we should do here I’m sorry but theburden of proof is not on me it’s on youso I’m gonna have to ask you yet againto please rephrase your question sir Ithink I’m entitled I want the truthTom Cruise few good men anyonehow could my client have committed thecrime at that time and date when I haveproof here that he was out of town thenI love airtight alibis there’s just alot of things that don’t make sense withthe defendants case and I’ve made amental list of all those things

so heregoesfirst off now in light of everything weheard tonight Your Honor I want you tomake the right decision here I want youto ask yourself which one of us has beenconsistent this entire case which one ofus has displayed consistency with allthe claims that we have made and thenJack Nicholson’s all like you can’thandle the truthI love I love that scene okay yes myclient is guilty but can I at least tryeverything I can do to minimize hispunishmentobjection overruledI call penalty on this man

I know thatthere’s evidence that says my client isguilty but I’m his evidence all there isI’m why don’t we just talk about it andget into the emotionchins and see what we can discover thatway I think that’s a great idea yes Iknow there’s clear evidence that myclient is guilty but that’s only aproblem when you already have anexisting definition for the wordevidence what I want us to think aboutis what what constitutes evidence in thefirst place I find it interesting thatthe prosecution has no direct evidenceof tested eyewitness testimony and onlya few pieces of circumstantial evidencenow if you had more than you would havesome kind of a case but I’m afraid whatyou have is just not gonna cut it soyour honor the defendant is guilty justthink about this okayhe has no alibi he fits the descriptionof the witnesses I mean come on he’sguilty there’s no room for reasonabledoubt here whatsoeverladies and gentlemen of the jury I wouldlike to appeal today to somethingtranscendent something higher than thiscold reality of documents evidence and

so forth and I’d like to go to a deeperissue to the route if you will yes Ihave a question for the prosecutionum do you enjoy viciously attacking aperson like my client who has had adifficult life has had poor treatmentfrom society and are you saying thislike

so if we consider no I can’tI’m sorry I can’t defend youyou’re clearly guilty like I can’t dothis I can’t be a lawyerwhich one of us has and then JackNicholson’s and then Jack Nicholson Iwould like to appeal to somethingtranscendent I want you to make theright decision here I want you to do