ten signs you should become a lawyergetting admitted to study in theuniversity stuff deciding on what degreeto studies perhaps tougher your momwants you to be a doctor your dad thinksengineering is more suiting giving yourmath skills then there’s your uncle whothinks architecture is your colinbecause he once saw you sketched a nicehouse but an inner voice has beentelling you studying law wouldn’t be abad ideahmm this can be all too much for yourinexperienced self and you may end upstudying of course you have littlepassion for so in today’s video we’lllook at why law might just be yourcalling and ten signs that you shouldconsider becoming

one if you’re new tothis channel you are welcomeconsider subscribing to after schoolAfrica to continue exploringopportunities keep in mind that justticking off one or two of the signs isnot enough reason to consider pursuing acareer in law you need a combination ofat least five of the signs to make thegrade 1 big books don’t scare you areyou intrigued with going throughbookshelves do you find it fun readingbig books journals and newspapers aroundthe house do you spend hours runningthrough

books seeking information wellthat could be a sign you’ll make alawyer law school demands long hours inthe library you will be scoring enormouslegal textbooks and limitless Case Filesif you’re a quick reader it will be anadded advantage being a smart readerwill get you even further this means youknow how to take apart a readingidentify the key points draw relevantconclusions and highlight the parts youknow you’ll need to revisit later onthis one skill is not enough to make agood lawyerafter all a potential scientist willpossess similar quality what will mattermost is the nature of topics you findmore interesting to you try to get allangles of the story being able to getall angles of a story is a skill man forLaw School

you will make a good lawyerif you always strive to hear the otherside of a story digging deeper beyondthe surface to get to the root of amatter is also bonus your ability todissect complicated situations anddetermine the facts of a case will comein handy as a lawyer 3 you love arguingto prove a point you probably expectedthis to be the first point on the listright I knew it that’s why I made it thethird this is the most common reasonpeople are given to join law school ifyou can hold your ground and argue forhours just to convince other peopleby your point of view you may want tosave all that energy for law schoolseriously though why waste all thatenergy arguing

on vain things you couldbe making real money bamboozling a judgewith section after section of theconstitution that exonerates your clientfor you stand for what you believe inthis is very important in law you willlikely handle cases that don’t have alot of compelling evidence to back themup in such situations you have no otherchoice than to believe in your clientand fight for that person as if he orher case is your own you must beprepared to stand up for what youbelievedespite constant negative forces who tryto defeat your claims 5 you exudeconfidence

when you make a claim do youhold your ground and keep your cool whenfaced with a barrage of backlash oh wellthen you should be a lawyer because thathappens quite a lot in the field you’llbe under attack on a regular basis youneed confidence to defend your claimslack of it will make you struggle and noclient wants a lawyer who lacksconfidence sakes you have integrity lawprofession has no room for unethicalbehavior you could get disbarred if youhave found wanting due to one unethicalbehavior or misconduct integrity isessential in a successful law career ifyou have this quality you may want toconsider a law degree honesty and beingable to stand up for what is right evenwhen under pressure will also set

youapart in the legal profession 7 you payattention to detail this is a gift notvery many people have I mean many peoplecan barely remember what they had fordinner last night um if you’re someonethat catches and remembers even thesmallest detail about everything law wasmade for you law school forces you tothink on your toes and most of the timeout loud it’s going to require you tohandle multiple storylines and facts tokeep track of everything you encounteron a daily basis facts dates figuresdefinitions of legal jargoncase studies and their verdict are justsome of the things you need to rememberorganization discipline and razor-sharpfocus adjust a few traits that every lawschool hopeful should possess

if youhave this welcome to law 8 you enjoyedthe baits this is different from arguingin the sense that debates are moreorganized and with fewer interruptionsif you are fascinated by two peoplestating facts while at the same timetrying to counteract the other person’spoint being a lawyer gives you the chatto do that in court nine you have goodtime management skills you’re probablythinking what has the time got to dowith law the answer is on averagestudying law full time can take aboutthree to five years it all depends onwhat part of the world you’re studyingfrom that’s five years of demandingcourse notes often well into your primeyoung adult yearsyou’ll probably be glued to your workwhile your friends are partying andhaving fun law is demanding and to be agood lawyer

you need to use your timejudiciously this skill will also come inhandy when you’re in the courtroomcoercing a witness can be tough and youneed to keep the time every secondmatters in law and if you’re good withtime you just might make a good lawyer10 you keep secrets this is almost thecardinal rule of lawyers lawyers arejust behind priests in the order ofpeople who hear confessions the most ifyou have carved a niche for yourselfamong friends and family as someone whocan be trusted to keep a secret you maywant to take that skill to law and be alawyer you will probably have to hearmore serious secrets from your clientssome confessions will be gross butgiving your history you will not have ahard time keeping them safe as

Imentioned earlier don’t run to study lawbecause you pick off a few of the signsyou have to check off at least five ofthe signs and you have to understand theintricacies of studying law and thelegal profession be sure to watch ourvideo on 25 things you probably didn’tknow about studying law in thedescription below ultimately if you arepassionate about the legal professionand see you have a number of therequired quality by all means go for itwhich of this 10 signs on becoming alawyer interest you the most tell usabout it in the comment session ifyou’re yet to subscribe to the afterschool Africa channel now is a good timeto subscribe until next time yoursuccess matters