ten criminals who got away because they had a good lawyer welcome to a look scalm the place for each billionaires come to get informed hello Alexis not everyone around us is a good person buteverybody should have access to a goodlawyer as a fine living enthusiast we expect you to understand that money andwealth should never be used againstanybody but that doesn’t always happen many criminal defense lawyers are simplyable to get whatever verdict they wantfor their clients they are so good attheir craftSwayne the jury in their favor is apiece of cake to them if one has theright lawyer it is possible to get awaywith any kind of crime of course a greatlawyer does not come cheap we did avideo on the richest lawyers in theworld a while back


which we recommendyou check out after this one’s an ablelawyer can get you off the hookeven if you’re accused of murder being acelebrity or a famous personality alsohelps number 10 Don King lawyer CharlesE Lomax Don King is a boxing promoter hekilled two people in two differentincidents the first one lost his lifewhen he was seeking to break into Kinggambling operation Don King killed anemployee in the second incident theunfortunate employee owed an amount of$600 he was charged with second-degreemurder for it Don King landed intoserious legal trouble facing severaltrials at the same time his lawyerCharles E Lomax possessed superbargument skills King had previously beenconvicted for another second-degreemurderway

back in 1966 but thanks to hislawyer he was awarded on a four-yearprison sentence he is now a free mannumber nine lawrence taylor lawyerarthur adalah lawrence taylor was an NFLplayer there was nothing remarkableabout lawrence apart from the fact thathe was accused of rape his lawyer arthuradler was a very able attorney he gothim out of the case now LawrenceTaylor’s son has been arrested for rapehe must be seeking aidan of servicesagainnumber eight brandy Norwood lawyerBlaire Burke brandy Norwood was drivingher car on the 30th December 2006 hervehicle had an accident on the LAfreeway a person thirty-eight-year-oldawaited her booty has lost her life herbooty edge was driving a Toyota whichwas hit by brandy Norwood Rover

theweight type of booty edge succumbed toher injuries the following day at theHoly Cross Hospital Norwood was notcharged with manslaughter there wasn’tenough evidenceanother thing that saved her fromprosecution was her choice of an ablelawyer Blaire Burke number 7 RobertBlake lawyer Thomas mezra the date wasMay 7th 2001 Robert Blake and his wifewere having a lavish dinner at anItalian restaurant they apart their cara few blocks away in the dark afterdinner the couple made their way to thecar Blake suddenly remembered that hehad left his shotgun at the restauranthe went back for it when he came back tothe car he found out his wife had beenshot in the headLakes lawyer Thomas Mesereau was ashowman he confused the jury to a pointwhere they had no choice but to believeBlake’s version Robert Blake walked freenumber 6 Kobe Bryant lawyerPamela McKay Kobe Bryant


was arrestedand charged with sexual assault but theaccuser refused to testify againstBryant later Kobe Bryant filed a lawsuitagainst the same woman thanks to thecapabilities of his lawyerPamela McKay the case was settledoutside the court Bryant never admittedguilt number 5 Paris Hilton Paris Hiltonis a famous heiress model and actressyoung girl has had many brushes with thelaw in such case Paris fact her heavyRange Rover into a Honda Civic she didnot even bother to leave a note andsimply drove away in the state ofCalifornia it is a crime to have damageda part vehicle and leave without aproper notes the crime is punishable bya jail term of six months and a thousanddollars in fine thanks to her fierylawyer Paris did not have to do eitheronly a few years later Paris againdamaged another vehicle with her Bentleynumber four OhSimpson an entire team of lawyers OJSimpson


was an NFL superstar he has beenacquitted of murdering his ex-wife in1994 the acquittal came after a veryhigh-profile trial that became aninternational sensation Simpson’sacquittal had come after his lawyers oneof them being Kim Kardashian’s fatherdid a remarkable job of protecting theirclient in 1997 a civil court handed downa verdict against symptom for the truewrongful death Simpson paid only afraction of 33.5 million till 2007 inSeptember of that year he was againarrested in the vaada for committingseveral crimes he has been sentenced to33 years in prison number threeSnoop Dogg lawyer David Kenner SnoopDogg was arrested and tried for thedeath of a person who belonged to therival gang snoops bodyguard had shot thevictim in 1993 the rapper was drivingthe car from which the shots were fireddespite this fact both Snoop Dogg andhis bodyguard McKinley were acquittedthe person responsible for this miraclewas snoops lawyer David Kenner


whoproved to the jury that McKinley hadacted in self-defense both of themwalked free number 2 Charlie Sheenlawyer Yale Galanter in may 98 CharlieSheen overdosed with cocaine and wasadmitted to hospital at that time he wasalready on probation for another offensethat also involves drugs his probationwas extended in 2009 he was againarrested on the charges of assaultingBrooke Miller his wife Sheen was alsocharged with third-degree assault andfelony as well as criminal mischeif hehired Yale Galanteras his lawyer to advised him to go for aplea bargain the deal allowed for thedismissal of rest of the charges CharlieSheen was sentenced to only 30 days in arehabilitation center and a further 30days of probation number 1 our Kellylawyer Sam Adams Sam Adams jr.

andEdward Jensen our Kelly was accused ofcommitting some of the most heinouscrimes involving child pornographyallegedly peeing on his victims howeverwith the help of his defense attorneyshe beat the charges and walked a freeman good lawyers do not come cheap andat times they can work miracles fortheir clients what do you think aboutthis Alexis hiring good lawyermight prove to be your best investmentbecause you start with us up into thispoint we wanted to run a story by youa couple of months ago of story brokeout that a man from Tennessee waswrongly imprisoned for 31 years inOctober 1977 and Memphis woman was rapedin her home by two intrudersshe later identified one of them as herneighbor Florence McKinney


who was 22 atthe time he was convicted on rape andburglary chargesin 1978 and sentenced to a hundred andfifteen years in jailDNA evidence cleared him of his chargesin 2008 and when he was released in 2009the Tennessee Department of Correctionsgave him a $75 check to restart his lifecan you imagine being wrongly imprisonedfor 31 years and their payout to be only$75 jeez we need to fix our legal systemthank you for spending some time with usAlexis if you enjoyed this video makesure to give it a thumbs up andsubscribe to our channel so you nevermiss another videowe also hand-picked these videos werecommend you watch next we’re also inall the social medias thank you forbeing any luck sir